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Laparoscopic low anterior resection of rectum (partial TME-total mesorectal excision) with the use of a monopolar “hook” electrode

Laparoscopic low anterior resection of rectum (partial TME-total mesorectal excision) with the use of a monopolar “hook” electrode.
D-r Jim Khan is performing an operation (Great Britain, Portsmouth) (2018).

In this film the technique of performing low anterior resection of rectum (partial TME - total mesorectal excision) with the use of a monopolar “hook” electrode is presented. A 44 year-old male patient was treated, having the diagnosis: Cancer of middle third part of rectum fT2N0M0, G2. During the preoperation investigation of organs of abdominal cavity and small pelvis, using MRT and RCT, no data about pathologic lymphatic nodes in the abdominal cavity, small pelvis and mesorectum had been obtained. The “classical” scheme of positioning of trocars was used: on the right in the iliac area, to the right and to the left-in the mesogastric area. Operation started with the incision of peritoneum to the right of rectum, identification of interfascial layer without vessels with the help of a monopolar instrument “hook” (“Karl Storz”). Transection of the inferior mesenteric artery took place near the origin with Harmonic (“Ethicon”) device after preliminary clipping of it by titanic clips. Then exposure of rectum along its posterior wall took place with identification of the left ureter. The next stage was exposure of the inferior mesenteric vein, identification of embryological layer of the large colon, its exposure in the medialateral direction towards the splenic flexure. For safe mobilization of the splenic flexure of the colic colon inframesocolic access was used. Preliminary dissection of pancreas was done, opening of omentum sac, after that peritoneum of the left lateral canal was dissected, mobilization of the descending part of the colic colon and the splenic flexure of the colic colon was done. Exposure of rectum was done in 5 cm lower than lower border of tumour along the posterior wall, then-along the right and left semicircumference, and only at the end-along the anterior wall. Transection of the colon in its distal part was done EchelonFlex-60 instrument (a blue reload) (“Ethicon”). Then midline minilaparotomy (approx.5 cm) was performed, the latex ring “Dextrus” was placed in the wound for restriction the tissue of the anterior abdominal wall from the colon with tumour. The colon was exteriorized, resection of specimen was done, CDH-29 (”Ethicon”) device head was inserted into the proximal part, it was fixed by purse-string suture, using “Vicryl” 2-0 thread, and immersed into the abdominal cavity. CDH-29 device was inserted transanally, stitching was done, then CDH-29 was removed. The next stage loop ileostoma was created in the right iliac area. The operation was finished by placing drainage transabdominally via trocar wound in the left mesogastric area. Operation duration was 240 minutes.

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