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ANO “Centre of Clinical and Experimental Surgery”

Expert Professor Puchkov K.V.

The centre was opened in 2009; since that time more than 100 scientific and practical seminars had been hold in the cities of Russia and UIS countries (ex-U.S.S.R. republics), more than 2,000 people took part in them.

Education in the Centre is a unique possibility to obtain theoretical and practical habits of the European level without leaving Russia. The Centre has been created by surgeons and for surgeons, educational programs give a possibility to broaden the outlook of practicing doctors, give them a possibility of “live” communication with their colleagues and invited experts, help them in orientation in variety both of new surgical techniques, and in offered equipment and single use materials.

The Centre holds one-day scientific-practical seminars on the basis of Swiss University clinic (Moscow) and on the basis of clinics that are partners, intensity is 2-3 times a month. The themes of seminars are questions of contemporary medicine, gynecology, urology, colorectal surgery. Programs of seminars for doctors imply 2-3 demonstrative operations, experts’ lectures, practical work, using equipments for training. Seminars imply “advanced” surgical level of doctors, those who have basic habits of laparoscopic surgery and who want to make their habits perfect.

The Centre of Clinical and Experimental Surgery also holds guest master-classes in the clinics of Russia, UIS countries and in Europe. Programs imply attending of operation theatre, working, using equipment for training or biological material, discussions with experts.

Le Centre International de Chirurgie Endoscopique (CICE)

Expert Professor Botchorishvili

The International Centre of endoscopic surgery (CICE) was created in 1990 by Professor Maurice Antoine Bryukha in order to reply “new” challenges in evolution of surgical instruments and techniques, as well as in the technique of new images.

New possibilities that are opened during introduction of endoscopic techniques into surgery, have promoted high demand for specialists in the field of surgery.

CICE is offering detailed lectures of leading experts in laparoscopic surgery and gynecology, and practical introduction into the advanced techniques, that are for young surgeons, postgraduates, and the most experienced surgeons. In the Centre they also train “surgical teams”, it means, there is a possibility to train anaesthetists and nurses who will be working in the operation theatre. A great attention is paid to working off all practical habits, that they have studied theoretically.

Annually more than 1,500 specialists of different specialities are educated in CICE; the structure of education and training includes the peculiarities of Health Care system at regional and International levels. The Centre is opened for working on probation for specialists of co-operating profiles, including simultaneous work with doctors, performing interventional methods of diagnostics.

Due to partnership with University clinics, CICE can invite foreign practicing doctors to work on probation for different periods of time: for short (up to one week) and long period ( up to two years).

AIMS Academy

Expert Professor Forgione

AIMS Academy is a project of surgical education of the highest level. It appeared on March 9, 2010.

The desire to collect rich life experience in the field of laparoscopic surgery –that is what has inspired Professor Raffaele Puglise, ex-President of Instituto Lombardo di Chirurgia Avanzata Miniinvasiva (Lombardy Institution for Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery-ILSAM) to realize such an ambicious project: to create multidisciplinary educational centre, devoted to elaboration of new techniques of performing miniinvasive surgical interferences, and to create conditions to educate surgeons of different specialities in the hospital Niguarda.

And these facts make AIMS Academy the unique in Italy, as it provides all-kind education both for experienced surgeons, and for medical students, who are interested in practical education with the use of virtual equipment for training, robotic machines and Wet-lab laboratories under the guidance of the International experts, and surgical and nurse teams.

Expanding the science horizon and using it for the benefit of mankind-that is the mission and idea that is always moving AIMS Academy to continue investigations in the field of miniinvasive techniques. The work with national and the International research centres, and with small enterprises, working in the field of biomedicine, has given a possibility to create new virtual stimulators. Valuebiotech-is a start-up, that has been created for elaboration of original robotic system for abdominal surgery and system of virtual reality, that will promote to further development of surgery “without scars”!

AIMS Academy is located at hospital Niguarda Ca ‘Granda, in Milan. The Centre occupies the territory 2,500 square meters, is positioned on four floors: attic for reception of visitors, zone for taking food and conference-hall for 90 people; the first floor- a class-room for 20 persons, multimedia laboratory for creation database and editing of surgical materials, a practical class for working with synthetic models and biological tissues (a dry laboratory) with 7 endo-laparoscopic stations; the second floor- area for working, equipped for scientific activity, and administrative offices; cellular floor-a room for working off practical habits while working with biological models (Wet-lab laboratory) with 7 complete working stations with the sets for anesthesia.

L'HFR Fribourg – Hôpital cantonal

Expert Professor Mayer

Hospital HFR Fribourg –Cantonal is situated on the hill Bertinye, on the border between Fribourg and Villar-sur-Glen. It is a unique positioning-not far from the town and is a quiet place. The clinic has 320 beds, it is the largest in Fribourg. In the clinic acute somatic aid is assisted, then treatment in the intensive therapy wards, people seek for medical advice in case of emergency surgery and acute care. Besides, HFR Fribourg-Cantonal is important in educating medical students. Starting in autumn of 2009, clinic began to collaborate with Fribourg University, educating would-be doctors-bachelors. Clinic also takes part in scientific investigations, trying to obtain the International and Swiss grants.


Expert Professor Badalyan

St.Joseph’s hospital is a non-commersial regional system of Public Health, situated in Sirakuzy, New York, it treats patients of Central New York and the Nothern Pennsylvania. The hospital is a regional leader (“Magnet”), it treats patients at all stages-starting from the primary examination up to performing highly technological operations. Due to this patients have reached aged age.

This clinic was opened in 1869. 100 years ago it was a hospital, having only 15 beds. Nowadays it has been turned into the institution, where they perform on different kinds of operations with the staff that is more than 5,000 persons.

In the rating “Consumer Report” among 15 biggest centres of cardiac surgery in the U.S.A. this clinic has got the award “The best regional hospital”. 15 times it was awarded by the prize “National Research Corporation Consumer Choice” . St. Joseph’s hospital is widely famous for assisting high quality medical aid to its patients. In 2014 more than 9,000 operations were performed, 67,000 times emergency care was called, 27,000 persons became out-patients. In 2014 about 9,800 operations were performed for out-patients, 77,600 psychic patients came to the hospital, and 6,332 patients were accepted into the Certified Program of Public Health.

Medical Centre Rambam

Expert Professor Friedman

It is a State medical complex, situated in Bat-Galim area, in Haifa, Israel. Medical Centre “Rambam” is the biggest multiprofile centre for treatment and diagnostics, and for rehabilitation for patients of the Northern region of Israel. It is a state establishment, that unites 36 departments for 1,000 patients, 45 subdivisions for treatment and diagnostics, 10 institutions, 6 laboratories and 30 administrative structural subdivisions. Centre provides all kinds of services for patients of the Northern part of Israel in the following branches of medicine: traumatology, cardiosurgery, oncology, neurosurgery.

“Rambam” has the only multiprofile pediatric Centre “Mayer” in the North of Israel, included in its structure. All branches of pediatric care are involved. It was founded in 1986, and kids at the age of 0-16 are treated here.

Medical Centre “Rambam” is an academic, clinical, scientific and research base. One of its main tasks is to train would-be doctors, nurses and paramedical staff.

The branches of medicine, developed in the centre: cardiovascular surgery, plastic surgery, cardiology, obstetrics, artificial fertilization, urology, pediatrics, etc.

Klinik für Minimal Invasive Chirurgie

Expert Professor Boyar

This clinic was founded in 1997 and is specialized in minimal invasive surgery (“key-hole surgery”); it is a partner whom you can trust. From the first days the staff of clinic tried to be experienced, though their operation values were modest at that time. But now their achievements are impressive! Clinic is specialized in “new medicine”, it explains diseases and methods of treatment in the language that is understandable for a patient. It gives the information about the results of investigations, tells about prophilaxis and informs you about the latest news in the field of medicine. The aim of the clinic is to be number one in Europe regarding the health of patients!

VIMARS Institute

Expert Jim Khan

In October, in 2010 in the Centre of postgraduate education, in St.Mary Hospital, Portsmouth, the Institute of miniinvasive surgery (VIMAS) was opened. The Institute was opened as the Centre of teaching would-be surgeons basic and advanced habits of laparoscopic surgery. Due to maintenance and generous charity of some organizations (Karl Storz UK, Ethicon Endosurgery, Covidien, Olympus, Fuji) the Centre is equipped and has a possibility to train surgical teams from Great Britain and other countries via special master-classes and seminars, including translation from operation theatres of Portsmouth, and attending of OT. The main idea is either to teach for free or for little money inviting experts of the highest class, in order to teach small groups.

In 2013-2014 on the basis of NHS Trust hospital, Portsmouth, a new Centre-VIMARS (The institute of minimum access and robotic surgery) was created. This Institute is the first in the world a multidisciplined Centre of robotic surgery in Great Britain. Endoscopic surgical educating Centre is included into its structure under the guidance of Professor Bhandari. They offer education in the field of expanded endoscopic resection ; there is school of radiology, as well, under the guidance of D-r Antony Higginson. At present the Institute is the part of the Centre of medical modelling with the education Centre TEAMS (Training Education and Assessment by Medical Stimulation) in Portsmouth. A wide spectrum of educational programs and courses is offered to those who want to master innovational multiprofile education for surgical teams.



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