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About the project "Video operations of the best surgeons of the world"

The leader of the project “Video of Operations of the Best Surgeons of the World” is
Professor Puchkov Konstantrin Viktorovich

You are at the pages of the unique project, created under the guidance of Professor Puchkov K. V., by leading specialists of the world in the field of minimally invasive surgery, gynecology, urology, coloproctology, oncology and pediatric surgery. “Video Operations of the Best Surgeons of the World” is a project that has just started, but has already collected a big amount of operations of a good quality, performed by the best specialists in their own field.

This video-site is mostly for practicing doctors, dealing with the minimally invasive surgery, can be useful for medical students, as well as for people who is doing his internship, for postgraduates, doctors working in other specialties of medicine and for University teachers.

The main principle of site arrangement is the presence of video films, embracing various specialties in surgery. Site structure is arranged so that each user can easily find the material about the disease in which he is interested, the name of that operation, instrument and company, producing the instrument, as well, as the name of the surgeon.

Placed video films are accompanied by short description of technique of the operation. Using too much words when teaching or explaining the anatomy or technique of operation has never been the best way. The best way has always been a surgeon’s visual and tactile experience.

All presented video films are of different kind. The basic part presents laparoscopic operations - to obtain the notion about the laparoscopic techniques of operations, that are used for treatment of organs of the abdominal cavity, small pelvis and retroperitoneal space, performed by the best surgeons of the world. Other video films demonstrate details of some separate stages of operation, the way instruments of different companies work. Attention is also paid to some complicated situations, and surgeons are warning about possible complications.

In some video films we are going to demonstrate the laparoscopic anatomy of the organs of the abdominal cavity, small pelvis and retroperitoneal space. We pay a special attention to the good knowledge of anatomy of those areas, where we perform on operations. Anatomic dissection of tissues and getting into the proper layer is the basis of fast, bloodless and safe surgery in any field of surgery.

At this project we will pay attention to the basic technical ways of laparoscopic surgery: the ergonomics of the operation theatre, positioning of an instruments in the hands of a surgeon, surgical suture, the introduction of the first troacar and Veress needle, lavage and draining of the abdominal cavity, etc.

As the Club members had asked us about it, we introduced new heading “The anatomy of laboratory animals” and “The basic surgical interferences” that could be performed for practicing manual skills in the educational centers.

Working in this project, we annually are going to hold competitions “The best video film” among young specialists in different nominations: the best performing of classical technique of operation, new techniques, interesting clinical observations,etc. Prize-winners will be awarded by money, will be working on probation for free in the educational centres of experts, and their films will be placed at this site.

At this site we have created “EXPERTS’ COUNCIL,” consisting of professors - surgeons from 8 countries of the world, who have large practical experience and excellent manual habits in minimally invasive surgery. The experts constantly hold dozens of annual master-classes and train young specialists in different educational centres. The details of information about experts and their educational centres can be got at our site.

As creators of this site think, everybody can find something new and interesting for himself, and it does not depend on his experience.

Any specialist can use this site for free. We recommend you to be registered at this site, and to testify your participation, after going to link , when filling in the form in a received letter. After that you will become a Club member. All your personal data are kept in accordance with the ” Policy of processing of personal data”, all data are given to nobody and are concealed from others. Club membership gives you a possibility to obtain messages about new videos in different headings, news, upcoming master-classes in the education centres of experts, and the information about new competitions and awards. If you don’t want to receive our emails in the future, you can unsubscribe at any time.

We will be glad if you become an active participant of this project and if you invite new Club members! Who can become a Club member?-Any medical student of the University or college, interns, postgraduates, doctors of all specialities, University teachers!


We thank Chikalova Roza Fadeevna for her help in translation of our web site



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