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Laparoscopic extirpation of rectum

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Laparoscopic abdominal perineal resection (APR) of rectum, using a monopolar hook

Laparoscopic abdominal perineal resection (APR) of rectum, using a monopolar hook
Professor Puchkov K.V. is performing an operation (2018).

In this film the technique of performing of abdominal perineal resection (APR) of rectum with the expanded lymphadenectomy, using a monopolar “hook” electrode is presented. A 59 year-old female patient was treated with the diagnosis: Low rectal cancer fT3N1M0, G1. She had a course of neoadjuvant chemotherapy (CLT) with preoperative radiotherapy.
Exposure of rectum had done within the injuring of mesorectal fascia, with preserving the structures of upper and lower hypogastral plexus (sympatic and parasympatic nerves) laparoscopically. The “classical” positioning of trocars had been used: in the right and left iliac area, and in the mesogastric area to the left. The operation was started with dissection of pelvic in the right side of rectum, then exposure of rectum along the posterior wall with identification of the left ureter. Lymphodissection was performed in the area of origin of the inferior mesenteric artery, transection of superior rectal artery (with preserving of the left colic artery) was done with a 5 mm “LigaSure” («MEDTRONIC COVIDIEN») instrument. The next stage was dissection of the left lateral canal and mobilization of the descending part of the colic colon. Exposure of rectum up to pelvic floor along the posterior semicircumference took place within the injuring of the mesorectal fascia, then along the right and left semicircumference, and only at the end-along the anterior wall. Transection of the large colon in its proximal part had performed with EndoGIA-60 (a blue reload) device («MEDTRONIC COVIDIEN»).
The perineal stage had done in a classical approach. Stoma was created in the left iliac area. The drainage was placed via perineal wound. Operation duration was about 150 minutes.

You can read about this technique in detail on the personal cite of Professor Puchkov Konstantin Viktorovich. To go to the link.



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