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Professor, operating gynecologist, surgeon, Director of the Institute of Female Health and the Head of the Department of Pathology of Uterine Cervix of the Medical Union “Maccabi” (Israel).

Professor Michael Friedman is a clinical professor of the clinic of obstetrics and gynecology of the medical centre “Rambam” (Tel Aviv, Israel), is an operating gynecologist, surgeon.

Professor Michael Friedman is one of the leading surgeons of Israel in the field of gynecology. He is an acknowledged specialist in the field of expert colposcopy, hysteroresectoscopy and surgical treatment of uterine cervix, has unique works in the field of surgery of the pelvic floor.

Besides, Michael Friedman is the Director of the Institute of female health and of the Department of pathology of uterine cervix of the medical Union “Maccabi” (Israel).

After leaving the U.S.S.R. at the end of the 70-s and beginning of the 80-s Michael Friedman got specialization on obstetrics and gynecology at the department of obstetrics of the medical Centre “Rambam” in Haifa. Then within 3 years he was improving his mastership on surgical gynecology at the University clinic in Johannesburg (South Africa) in the departments of general surgery and gynecological oncology. After returning back to Israel Michael Friedman continued working as the Head doctor of the gynecological department of the medical Centre “Rambam”. He has been working here for 30 years occupying different posts. Within this period he has mastered different techniques of miniinvasive surgery, including laparoscopy, for treatment of gynecological and oncological diseases.

The Medical Centre “Rambam” (Haifa), based in 1938, is one of the biggest multiprofile center for treatment and diagnostics in the North of Israel. It is named after Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, an outstanding Jewish philosopher, doctor and scientist of the medieval period. The Medical Centre “Rambam” is a State treatment establishment, including 36 clinical departments, with the total number of hospital beds 1,000, 45 treatment and diagnostic subunits, 10 Institutes, 6 laboratories. Annually about 75,000 patients take treatment in the medical Centre “Rambam”, and 10,000 of them are from the ex-republics of the U.S.S.R., and 500,000 patients are out-patients , treated by specialists of different institutes and clinics.

Professor Michael Friedman is the author of techniques of protective surgical treatment for invasive prolapse of pelvic organs and urine incontinence; for many years he has been actively trying to introduce them in different clinics of Israel. Part of these techniques is based on using patients’ own tissues, another part - on using special synthetic mesh implants, including those implants that have been elaborated alongside with the leading scientific research Institute of Israel in the field of biomedicine - Israelian technological Institute - “Techniona”.

Due to his activity the state standard in Israel is vaccination to prevent cancer of uterine cervix.

Professor Friedman continues his clinical investigations in the field of gynecological surgery. He is actively invited to take part in scientific conferences in Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia; there he performs on operations for colposcopy, biopsy from uterine cervix, hysteroresectoscopy and others, holds master-classes there.

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